When is an industrial dishwasher the most useful?

I’ve mentioned it in another post briefly but when you’re running a commercial establishment that has a great number of dishes or glasses getting used on a regular basis, then you’re definitely going to need someone or something to be able to deal with this. Having run a catering kitchen myself I know the stresses and strains that can arise when you’re cooking for a large amount of people and you’re running out of clean dishes and crockery to serve them with.

Dishwasher sales have really increased in recent years for a number of reasons. Not only have the dishwashers themselves become a lot cheaper but people have slowly realised that they can actually save more money in the long run by buying one. This may appear counter intuitive at first, how can paying thousands for something that can be done by hand save you money? Well the truth is a dish washing machine can save you time and in the restaurant business time is definitely money.

Commercial dishwashers actually save you money


I used to hire a girl who would come in on the busy days of the week in order to be able to cope with peak times at my restaurant. When it came to the end of my accounting year I would see exactly how much I had paid to get my dishes clean, needless to say it was quite a surprise to me. I had paid out in one year enough to allow me to buy 3 dishwashers outright. So, armed with this information I decided to take the plunge and splash out on a brand new commercial dishwasher machine and the truth is I haven’t looked back since! It’s saved me a ton of money!

Deciding whether to buy a commercial dishwasher

In this article I’m going to be discussing a variety of things that you should look at before making the decision to buy a commercial dishwasher for yourself or your commercial catering kitchen. This article doesn’t cover everything that you need to consider but should give you a few ideas to get you started. Looking around for the best commercial dishwasher while you are around the catering sector is a very difficult challenge, there are plenty of manufacturers wanting to sell you the latest model or brand.

Weighing up buying a commercial dishwasher against the cost

There are lots of considerations for anyone who is making to transition to an industrial dishwasher that is great for cleaning hundreds of dishes every single hour. As with most consumer items, you are able to shell out just about anything for a good piece of equipment, it might be a pretty good strategy for you to give plenty of thought to precisely how frequently you are likely to use one of these machines and then use that info to help you make a decision on exactly how much you are going to spend. The size of the dish washing machine that you are considering is typically a fundamental thing to consider, this is especially true when you’ve got an extremely compact cooking area with not much space or room. If you are on a tight spending budget, it can be worth considering a more energy efficient machine, one that isn’t going to drive the electric and power way too high when you use it often.

The methods which a dish-washer can be made to be able to last longer

Much like almost all of the other professional products that you own, adequate maintenance will increase it’s functionality and also increase how long it will last you for. If you want your catering equipment to actually last a long time, you will need to perform the correct repairs and maintenance strategies frequently. Making use of your current dish-washer in the right way is key to extending the life-span, added to this completing the required services and repairs is important and you’ll definitely want to have a look at instructions prior to use.

What industrial dish-washer functions are absolutely essential for you?

commercial dishwasher machine

You will find absolutely no shortage of additional functions and features that you could purchase when you buy a commercial dishwasher, what you really should contemplate is whether or not you really need them in the first place.

If a very fast cleaning time is of high priority to you, I’d personally say that you should unquestionably purchase a water pump to minimize the time period that you must wait around in between cycles. I probably would additionally recommend choosing a water softener, these typically clear away harmful particles from your standard water and also drastically increase the life span of the entire system. I believe that purchasing a business dishwasher without following some of the suggestions I’ve mentioned you may well run into a few problems down the line.