When might you need a commercial dishwasher?

When might you need a commercial dishwasher?

As much as I love to use these wonderful machines, not every kitchen out there will actually need one. I always tell friends and fellow restaurant owners that they should only invest in a commercial dishwasher if doing them manually is actually going to cost there more than paying money for a machine to do them.

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When does a restaurant kitchen need a dishwasher?

Paying a full time dish washing person can be pretty costly in the long run, even when you hire someone on a part time basis, the costs can quickly mount up. The chances are though, if you are actually employing someone to do this for you in a kitchen environment then a dishwasher might be ideal for your needs.

Make no mistake though that even with a machine that automates the dish-washing process, there is a certain amount of labor that is required to get your dishes clean. It isn’t just a case of putting the dishes in a machine and forgetting about them, oh no, there are various stages in the processes that you need to still complete yourself. An example of this is the pre-rinsing stage, this stage is necessary if you have cooked something that has left a significant amount of resedue behind on your crockery.

What is the dishwasher pre-rinse stage?

Pre-rinsing ensures that your commercial dishwasher does not become clogged up and saturated with insoluble materials. It is the actual manual washing that takes place prior to you putting your dirty dishes into the machine and will help to remove the bulk of food and other remains that may still be on your dishes. I will be writing a bit more about this in future blog posts.